My notes: I wrote "Moonlight" with a little trepidation, not knowing if anyone would like it. Luckily, I was wrong. Again, having only read a few Paris/B'Elanna stories, if this is similar to anyone's, I apologize.

Rating: This story is NC-17, for the consenting sex. If you're under 18, or it bothers you, stop now. You've been warned.

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Dedication: To Kristi for her unfailing encouragement, to Emilia for proofing, and to the P/T Fever members who commented on "Moonlight". You asked for more--you got it! :-)

Timeline note: This is a sequel of sorts to "Moonlight", taking place right after "Favorite Son".

by Lily

       To anyone who might have peeked into the chief engineer's office, it would have appeared that she was buried in her work. But in truth, B'Elanna Torres' mind was elsewhere. Her thoughts were focused on an event that had occurred about a week ago.
       Bored and restless, she had decided to talk to Tom. She found him on the holodeck--running a program of his relatives' Canadian summer home on a clear night. Their talk had become emotional and had led up to them making love under the moonlight.
       A thrill went through her at the memory. He had been so loving, so gentle. Never had any man given her such exquisite pleasure. A small part of her still wondered if she'd been dreaming.
       Another delightful shiver coursed through her. She had wondered the same thing that night, but when Tom had pressed her close him--skin to warm skin--she knew it was reality.
       Since then, they hadn't had much time together, but eating lunch and once in a while, dinner together was enough for right now, at least.
       The best part was that no one suspected anything, not even Harry. To him, they still acted the same--maybe with a little more flirting, but that was nothing new to him.
       Secretly, B'Elanna was a little relieved. She wouldn't have minded if Harry knew, but if one person knew, the rest of the crew would soon find out.
       Her thoughts soon drifted back to Tom. A soft smile touched her face.
       "Is that smile for me?"
       She jerked her head up. The object of her thoughts reclined in the doorway, eyes twinkling.
       "What are you doing here?" she asked.
       "Well, it is typical Tuesday, routine for me to bring by my navigational report," he said, holding out a padd. She took it. Glancing out the door, he stepped closer and reached out a hand to cup her chin, bringing her face up. "And I also wanted to see you."
       "You can't stay in here long. If there's one thing my crew loves more than their work, it's gossip."
       "You're off tomorrow, right?"
       She nodded.
       "Meet me on holodeck 2--I want to show you something."
       "Show me what?" she smiled.
       He grinned back. "It's a surprise. How about it?"
       "What time?"
       "All right. See you then."
       He nodded and gently brushed his fingers against her cheek before he turned to leave.
       She watched him go, then tried to turn her attention back to her work, which was easier decided than done.

~ ~ ~ ~

       At 2257, B'Elanna stepped out of the turbolift onto Deck 6. Tom was waiting by the holodeck doors.
       "You're early," he said.
       "So are you."
       "Ready when you are."
       "Computer, run program Paris Summer Cabin Omega nine, time ten minutes before dawn." The computer beeped acknowledgement and the doors opened.
       "After you," Tom said.
       She rolled her eyes at him, but couldn't prevent a smile as she walked in. He followed her. The doors closed behind him.
       "Initiate privacy lock, authorization Paris Gamma 38."
       As the computer chirped acknowledgement again, he held out his hand to B'Elanna. She took it and together, they climbed the hill and made their way to a different clearing, which actually wasn't really a clearing, but opened out into a grass-covered plateau stretching to the horizon. The sky was turning slowly from black to gray.
       As the sky continued to lighten, bit by bit, he pulled her close. She leaned up to kiss him, softly at first, then with increasing passion. Her hand reached between them and began to undo his uniform jacket.
       He pulled back. "B'Elanna, we came to see the sunrise," he half-protested.
       "The hell with the sunrise," she breathed huskily.
       Tom knew he couldn't hold back. When she kissed him again, he wrapped her in his arms and lowered her to the ground. In barely a minute, they had completely undressed each other. Tom was about to roll her onto her back when she pushed him down. "My turn," she said, smiling wickedly, but the loving look she gave him said it all.
       She kissed him on the forehead before leaning down to bite him in the exact spot where she'd bitten him during the incident on Sakari IV. When the taste of his blood registered with her senses, her passion flared anew.
       His arms encircled her lightly as her kisses trailed along his throat and across his chest. A moan escaped his lips as she bit gently on his nipple. He grasped her shoulders tightly.
       "You like that?"
       "God, yes," he groaned.
       "Do you want me to stop?"
       She laughed softly, then continued to nip and lick his chest, moving toward his stomach. When she began to graze her teeth along his hip, he moaned.
       Her hands carefully closed around his arousal. Tom squeezed his eyes closed, trying to regain control of his senses. But her fingers grazing along it was nothing compared to the feeling of her mouth closing around him.
       He cried out in shock and delight, reaching down to hold her head. But she quickly dismissed that idea. Not stopping her ministrations, her hands shot up, grabbed his wrists and pinned them at his sides.
       "'Lanna--God...." he gasped as she sucked him gently at first, then harder, bringing him to the edge. Just as he reached the brink, she released him and moved up to lock her lips to his briefly. As she broke the kiss, he grasped her waist and moved her down. He looked into her eyes, silently asking permission. She nodded slightly and allowed him to pull her down upon him. She sucked in a gasp as he impaled her, then began to move up and down, his hands holding her hips.
       He looked up at her. Her eyes were half-closed and she was outlined by the pink and gold of the eastern sky as dawn grew nearer.
       As one hand left her hip to caress her breasts, B'Elanna closed her eyes and gave herself over to the overwhelming pleasure. She could feel the end nearing.
       And then it hit.
       Tom watched her. He felt her tighten around him. Then she screamed and her head fell back just as the first ray of light shot over the horizon.
       She tightened around him again and he let go, letting his own climax overtake him. He felt her collapse atop him and he wrapped her in his arms, feeling her tremble as aftershocks coursed through her.
       After several minutes, he spoke. "I have never seen a more beautiful sight."
       "What do you mean?" she murmured, snuggling her head into his chest.
       "You reached climax just as the sun rose." He caressed her cheek. "That I will always remember."
       She smiled softly and closed her eyes. "I love you," she whispered just before drifting into slumber.
       He tightened his embrace, returned the whispered declaration of love and closed his eyes.
       Together, they slept as the morning sun shone around them.

=/\= End =/\=

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